titleis a Firebird Administration tool. It enables you to create new Firebird databases, create/modify tables, procedures, views, triggers, generators, roles, UDFs, Domains, and much more. Turbo Bird application is very easy to install and to use.

There are Linux 32/64 bit, Windows 32 bit, and Mac OS binaries. You can install the source and compile it using Lazarus in any other Platform that already supported by Lazarus.



Stable Release Version  1.2.0  3 August 2014


Linux32TurboBird for Linux 32 bit version 1.2.0

It is an executable file that you can download and run immediately. You need Firebird client library like libfbclient2. You can use Synaptic, apt-get, yum , or any package manager according to Linux distribution to install FireBird library from Internet.

Linux64TurboBird for Linux 64 bit version 1.2.0

Linux 64 bit executable. For FireBird library installation see the above (32 bit version)


Windows TurboBird for Win32 1.2.0

This is Windows 32 bit executable version. You need to install 32-bit Firebird client library. If you already installed Firebird server (32-bit) on the same machine, then no need to install any additional library.
If you get Unable to load library message, then copy fbclient.dll from FireBird binary directory to TurboBird or Windows folder


WindowsTurboBird for Win64 1.2.0

This is Windows 64 executable version. You need to install 64-bit Firebird client library. If you already installed Firebird server (64-bit) on the same machine, then no need to install any additional library.


Mac TurboBird 32 bit for Mac 0.9.8

Old TurboBird for Mac 0.9.3

This is Mac package for Turbo Bird. Compiled by Cem Zafer


TurboBird Source code

Turlazarus-iconbo Bird has been developed using FreePascal/Lazarus. Apart from the Synapse network code, no third party package/component has been used in this project, only standard components. Source code has always been compiled with the latest stable version of Lazarus and Free Pascal.

Download source code from GitHub

Many people are sending many improvements for Turbo Bird lately, so that I decided to put Turbo Bird in GitHub source control to make it easy for developers to participate on this project

TurboBird Development Source in source control (github)


GPL for GUI, and LGPL for Units.

Screen Shots






Project started on Dec 2009

3.Aug.2014 1.2.0 Read this page for the new features. This version contains huge modifications done by Reinier Olislagers (BigChimp)
5.Apr.2014 1.0.2 Adding Auto commit option. Minor bug fixes
1.Jan.2014 1.0.0 Adding table references. Releasing TurboBird as a stable version
9.Dec.2013 0.9.12 Add auto completion in Query window. Releasing Windows 64-bit version of Turbo Bird.
12.Apr.2013 0.9.10 Enable Editing for query results. Update TurboBird from Internet in About box.
3.Jan.2013 0.9.8 Running queries in background using Threads. Major and minor bug fixes.
23.Dec.2012 0.9.6 Small additions to Database comparison, New Table, Permissions management, Query Window, and new Icons
22.Sept.2012 0.9.4 Adding Grant permission in new table form. Small modifications to New table form. Compiling with Lazarus version 1
24.May.2012 0.9.3 Introducing Database structure comparison. This feature compares and generates structure difference script of original database to compared one.
Include Views permissions in permissions management.
Many small modifications and bug fixes
2.May.2012 0.9.2 Delete permission copy bug fix. Changing creating new table, generator and it’s trigger
4.Apr.2012 0.9.1 Minor bug fix, producing 64 bit version, because 32 bit can’t start in Linux Mint DE 64 bit.
12.Feb.2012 0.9.0 Change unable to load FireBird library message to Warning instead of error and resume application starting. Try to load gds32 library in Windows if fbclient.dll is not found.
8.Feb.2012 0.8.12 Close opened database and its opened windows.
28.Jan.2012 0.8.11 Displaying Table management, View generator, Trigger DDL, Procedure DDL, Permissions, etc. in a page tab instead of separate window form.
29.Dec.2011 0.8.10 After two years of development, Source is now available in github.com source control. Bug fixes, interface modifications
14.Dec.2011 0.8.9 Adding Database Info
12.Oct.2011 0.8.8 Adding number of fetched records for queries. Leave query result open after running another queries
1.Oct.2011 0.8.7 Fixing roll-back bug: reported by Claudio Romero
15.Sept.2011 0.8.6 Check FireBird library, and display Unable to load library if it does not exist. Done by Claudio Romero
13.Sept.2011 0.8.5 Set auto size for query result grid columns. Done by Claudio Romero
3.Sept.2011 0.8.4 Adding Modifying Field description feature. Allowing modification for default field value
2.Sept.2011 0.8.3 Adding Expand table fields feature. Fixing some bugs
26.Aug.2011 0.8.2 Fixing Table Insert/Update script bug. Adding rows affected information for insert, update, and delete procedures
30.Jul.2011 0.8.1 Fixing not saving password bug. Reported by Claudio Romero. Adding Copy Permission To menu item to copy permissions from user to user
29.May.2011 0.8.0 Adding Copy Table feature
29.Mar.2011 0.7.12 Modify Script table as Create: scripting constraints, indices, triggers, generators, permissions that belong to the table
19.Mar.2011 0.7.11 Minor bugs fixing
18.Feb.2011 0.7.10 Replace Query Window buttons by Tool Bar
15.Feb.2011 0.7.9 Changing Query parser procedure for Query Windows. Improvements for multi statements in one query window like select, update, and script statements
13.Feb.2011 0.7.8 Unify Connection and Transaction components for all query windows to share the same transaction
22.Jan.2011 0.7.7 Add SQL Statements history to trace and extract database modifications DDL and DML statements in SQL Query Window
11.Jan.2011 0.7.6 Fixing Connect As Bug, previously it was replacing original registration parameters
25.Dec.2010 0.7.5 Adding with Grant/Admin permissions
24.Dec.2010 0.7.4 Introducing User/Role Permissions Management
20.Dec.2010 0.7.2 Creating users. Requires Firebird version 2.5, fixing create generator bug
7.Dec.2010 0.7.0 Change main application window to MDI using page control for Query Window
28.Oct.2010 0.6.6 Introducing database Backup and restore
16.Oct.2010: 0.6.0 First beta release of Turbo Bird Version 0.6.0
5.Dec.2009 Start development of Turbo Bird project